About Project

Covid-19 presented various challenges and opportunities for the global community including the special need to fumigate public places in Ghana. Aslords Services limited is a Ghanaian owned services company that provide fumigation services.

Aslord sought the services of Asfalis to assist it in the development and presentation of a fumigation management proposal to the government of Ghana through the Ministry of Health.

Our expertise were brought to bare in the development of the business proposals and project implementation plan and strategic document including environmental impact assessment documents, occupational health plan etc. Our advice lead to Aslords Services wining the bid to fumigate various public places in Ghana including the parliament of Ghana, Western regional Market and the Office Premises of the Ghana National Petroleum Commission amidst strict competition from leading waste Management and fumigation companies in Ghana

Project Features

  • Development of fumigation management proposal and plan
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Occupational Health and Safety Plan